30 Degrees At Launch

Today was the coldest day of my bike commuting adventure.  I started this past summer and rode with temperatures over 100 degrees.  Today the temperature was steady at 30 degrees.  For many that is not cold, but for us Californians yea that is cold.

Cold Out ThereIt was the best ride so far.   The rule I adopted for bike commuting is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment.  So dressed well for the cold I set out. 

The cold helped emphasize something that bike commuters understand and may get lost by the legions of people commuting by car.  That is the sense of movement.  On the bike, as you pedal along, the elements are right there.  You feel the wind blowing and the cold or heat penetrating your skin.  You pedal harder up hills and coast down the other side.  The bike is a reminder of movement.

On the bike I have no music to distract.  It is just me and my thoughts.   Riding to work allows me to pedal and think; think and pedal.    With the cold to serve as a strong reminder this morning, I was focused on movement and how, as leaders we need to focus on the concept of movement.   

  • As leaders we need to recognize if we are moving in the right direction. 
  • As leaders we need to assure everyone involved is moving.
  • Most importantly, as leaders we must understand when we have stopped moving.

How do we restart and begin moving again?   There is no such thing as standing still in life.   There is movement forward or there is decay as we fade back into the dark. 

Hey, deep thoughts from one bike commute, huh!?   

So, as leaders think about movement in your day.  How is your operation running … moving forward together in the direction you want or falling back?    

As a reminder to focus on movement, go for a walk and focus on the movement.  Bring your team along for a moving meeting – done it before and works great.   When you get in your car to drive to work, roll down the windows and do not turn on the radio.  Focus on the movement.

Or heck go for a bike ride, even on a cold day.  Awesome.


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