Leadership Model

Here is my forever, work-in-progress, leadership model.  I created this model some years ago in graduate school.  I have lived this model ever since in my leadership practice, both for self and as I coach others in their leadership development. My model is also a framework for me to evaluate other leadership models and approaches.

A lifetime of influence guided me to develop this model of leadership. The bedrock for me is leadership behavior that Pulls People Forward toward a shared vision, higher performance, and ongoing success. To say “follow me” and for others to step forward is leadership in its purest form.

Let me know what you think of my Leadership Model. It does not cover all aspects of Leadership Development, but it works as a visual starting point – a representation of energy, movement and the tension of current state vs. the desired state.

A place to start our dialogue.

Leadership Development Model

  • The Model is a Field: a focus on space and time held between the focal elements. We create a tension between current reality and desired state. Energy is unleashed.
  • Relationship With Self:  A leader must have a strong understanding of self: your preferences, mental models, principles, purpose, and motivations?  Do you leverage your talents?  How do you manage your weak areas?
  • Relationship With Others: A leader nurtures relationships and discovers how best to draw people forward and perform.  We remain authentic with others and expect the same from them. Together we move forward.
  • Discipline & Strength: The ability to make and keep promises and to honor commitments … to self and others. Expanding our capacity in the four intelligences: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.
  • Trust & Alignment: Operate with integrity, provide disclosure, and maintain an openness to new ideas. Where any member of the group can state the purpose, values, goals, and vision of the group.
  • Push and Pull:  Both energies are required. A gentle push is needed at times, yet it should not be our primary mechanic.  We start with our building our relationships and only then can operate in that place of Discipline & Strength / Trust & Alignment creating that strong pull energy, powerful and sustainable.

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  1. Without integrity, motivation is dangerous;
    without motivation, capacity is impotent;
    without capacity, understanding is limited;
    without understanding, knowledge is meaningless;
    without knowledge, experience is blind.
    Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the above qualities.
    – Dee Hock.

    As a former Marine and young leader I find it hard to keep self motivated, because of own and sometimes others’ weaknesses. However this is where growth is needed and please correct me if I’m wrong. Like a seed or a caterpillar, nature takes its course and brings forth a change. How do we produce that desirable change in lieu of something not desired?

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