The Most Basic of All Human Needs

 "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." — Winston Churchill This is the Chinese symbol for "To Listen".   It is wonderful in how it pulls together several elements required to fully listen to another person.   When one of the elements is... Continue Reading →

Effective Communication: Step into the Circle

I attended a meeting recently and saw something different as I entered the room.  Instead of the typical long rectangular conference table there were just chairs arranged in rough circles, one within the other (see illustration below).  Immediately I knew this meeting was starting well.  As leaders we can not dismiss the importance of room layout... Continue Reading →

Squirrel Moments and Leadership Communication

Today I will defend the squirrel.  Thanks to the movie "UP" we have a new term to describe those moments when we get distracted and off topic.  In the movie, thanks to a device around the neck, dogs can talk.  One of the main characters, Dug the Dog, talks in simple terms as we would expect... Continue Reading →

Mark of a Good Meeting

Image via Wikipedia I look down at my hand and see several colors; the remains of a great meeting with my fellow leaders at work. We gathered to discuss our leadership approach to our challenging work environment. We brainstormed. We made a list of focus points for us as leaders. I was proud of the... Continue Reading →

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