Welcome to WeMoveTogether.

My name is Michael Hurley.  My passion is organizational effectiveness, leadership, and teamwork. My curiosity is how we organize and thrive together. With this blog I present my thoughts, ideas and random musings focused on organizational life.

Why focus on leadership and organizational life? At its essence Leadership is a process of influence.  Great leaders move the world around them and have influence to bring true change.  Leadership is both a role for individuals and a shared responsibility for a team focused on achieving great work.

Before a business career, I studied Anthropology and was a college athlete.  Both of these passions have influenced me as a leader throughout my career.  In fact my first experiences as a leader involved athletics.  I will touch on my experiences as a member of a crew team (rowing) which provides interesting food for thought on the interplay of extreme teamwork, tribal behavior and leadership.  With my anthropology studies I learned the importance of a holistic view of events and the importance of culture.  I plan to dive deep into the concepts of anthropology as a key source for understanding leadership, teamwork, and organizational life.

I hold a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Behavior.  Leadership development was a key part of my studies.  I have led innovative leadership development programs and have lived the life of a leader for many years. I will share my lessons learned over nearly 30 years of organizational life.

Let’s connect and start a conversation.  WeMoveTogether and just maybe we will find our way to influence the larger world.


11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Michael

    Your blog is an insperation, very much what I had in mind, and it seems to me we share thinking on the Hr role and leadership. Im very new to this so please excuse the rough work so far.

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    1. David – thank you so much. I just read your one year post and it inspired me. You were one of the first blogs I connected with and do continue to post. I will do the same. We do have a great community.
      – Michael

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