“The Holy Grail” of HR

I recently read a great article presented by the Human Resources consulting firm, Human Synergistics.  I am a big advocate for their services including insightful and actionable surveys for leadership and organizational culture.  Back in the day I was fully certified to use their products and  nearly 20 years later still refer to my materials. In... Continue Reading →

Before a Beginning There Must Be an End

For those who know me directly and for others familiar with my blog writing, the day has come.  My last day at work is set.  Friday, December 12, 2014 will be my last day at a place I called home for over 26 years. An end is near.  It is a necessary step to the beginning that will... Continue Reading →

Joy, Serenity, Love and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, all the rage. Corporate America is all over it starting with Human Resources, behaving as they discovered that next great thing, to senior leaders talking the talk and measuring results. Everyone expecting improvement, big improvement. Yet, no profound change. The level of disengagement for American workers remains high. The Gallup organization, the highly respected polling and... Continue Reading →

Work From Work

Everyone is talking, and writing, about the Yahoo announcement yesterday.  The head of Human Resources at Yahoo sent an email to all staff essentially eliminating work from home programs.  In other words, for your job, show up in an office ... and have a nice day. Yes, a big and juicy topic for a blog on leadership... Continue Reading →

I Need A Shovel

I search for some depth in my career. Oh, I have breadth.  I am a modern business manager.  I have experienced a wide range of responsibilities with very separate and different groups reporting to me.  I was there to understand just enough to keep it all rolling well.  I had (and have) terrific management and staff working for... Continue Reading →

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