Be a Guide, Not a Master

Bouncing around my home office ... I do want to call it a studio but have not earned that right quite yet. Opening various books as I explore; not quite sure what question I am trying to answer. I come across some writings from Seneca and marvel in the wisdom thousands of years old.  Words... Continue Reading →

Global Leadership Forecast

Just read the Global Leadership Forecast 2014/2015 prepared by the learning consulting firm, DDI and The Conference Board. Fairly standard for me to seek and read such a study with my professional focus on Organizational Development and Learning. I point this out because I am not the target audience for this study. In a perfect world,... Continue Reading →

I Am Scrooge

One of my family's Christmas traditions is attending the stage play of A Christmas Carol each year.  We have a terrific regional theater that rivals anything I have seen in the big city. After years of watching the same production, something was different this year.  With a new actor playing Ebenezer Scrooge I found myself... Continue Reading →

I Believe, I Behave

Behavior.  It is what we witness every day in our work environment.  What are people doing?  What are we doing as observed by others? Why do people behave the way they do?   Under the best circumstances behavior flows from core beliefs.   We take action based on what we believe to be true.   Beliefs can change. ... Continue Reading →

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