Sitting When I Want to Stand

Yesterday I learned so much by learning so little. Out of work, and searching for work, interrupted by a summons to attend an appointment at the California Employment Development Department. Hey, I am doing the unemployment thing and with receiving funds, comes rules and oversight. No worries, I am earnest in my efforts searching for a... Continue Reading →

A Journey to Here

It is time for a summer road trip - everyone into the car, wife, kids and dad behind the wheel.  Early start and we head north.  I look forward to this journey. I want to go there. I need to leave here. Truthfully, I know, there is no there. Forever there is only here and... Continue Reading →

Preacher Man

I once took a career assessment that analyzed my personality traits, my perceptions of the world, and how I prefer to connect and work with others.   The result was a number of possible careers.  Nothing shocking.  Human Resources, coaching, and creative writing related careers.  No complaint.  That is me. Another possible career choice listed... Continue Reading →

Buzzword Bingo

Are you on LinkedIn?  Of course you are. Hard to work in business or professional services and avoid LinkedIn. For me, much of my reach for this blog is through my connections on LinkedIn.  Many of us work to refine our LinkedIn profile often and clearly want to attract great contacts and yes, potential employers.... Continue Reading →

Footing, Focus and Fifty

I am back.  I stepped away for a few weeks with no intent to write any blog posts. I briefly escaped the winds of change at the office to walk into the face of a cold wind welcoming my son to Boston and his new college life. I am proud of my son to leave one... Continue Reading →

We All Have Our Music

I recently read a post on the Harvard Business Review website titled, "Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love".  I enjoyed the article as it reinforced a basic tenet for success.  One that we all have heard over and over, but so few of us actually listen to and follow: Do what you... Continue Reading →

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