Three Meals

All business.  Fly from San Francisco to Chicago.  Arrive one evening and leave the next evening.  One bag, one suit.  All business. That was one week ago. A successful trip with the business result I desired. The script was simple enough, arrive at hotel and order room service as I prepare for my business the... Continue Reading →

My Desk Was My Fortress

I remember back in elementary school the day we rearranged our desks to face each other in groups or pods.  Each pod had four or six desks facing each other. I was living through the beginning of the new "group work" in schools.  We see it everywhere these days.  Children are set to work in teams even for... Continue Reading →

Damn, I am a Sales Person

I am on this kick lately on introversion vs. extroversion.   Off and on I am working through Susan Cain's Book, Quiet.  I am an introvert and the topic is very interesting to me as I read more about open and collaborative workplaces and the promise of more networked learning. Computers, networks and open-work spaces.... Continue Reading →

The Mona Lisa was not Painted by Committee

The latest Fast Company magazine is a winner with several interesting articles. One short article immediately caught my eye as it links to some on my other reading lately. The article concerns Fahrenheit 212, an innovation consultancy (that alone is cool enough) and its cofounder, Mark Payne. Mark speaks to the structure at the company... Continue Reading →

Some People Are More Certain

I am reading a wonderful book titled, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking".   Author Susan Cain has written the book I have wanted to read for years.    I will share more from this book and its careful research in future posts. I thought I knew much on... Continue Reading →

A World That Can’t Stop Talking

I am reading the book, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking", by Susan Cain.   It is an important book that took the author seven years to write.  I am halfway through the book, but could not wait to recommend it to you.  My focus here is leadership and yea,... Continue Reading →

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