Be Like Joe

Decision time. Do I go to work today not feeling well or take the dreaded day off as a sick day? It started in my throat and now found my chest, building all week to the point I lost my voice this morning. Looking at my calendar I see a video call first thing with... Continue Reading →

Read, Learn and Act

Time to read.  Read and learn.  Read, learn and act. Time to find a new leadership book to read.  I have read and still refer to a number of classic leadership books.  Now though I am looking for something on the cutting edge that speaks to our present days and unclear tomorrows. My search brought... Continue Reading →

Overheard in Airport Lounge: From Arrogance to Joy

Recently I was returning to San Francisco from Washington DC and was waiting in the airport terminal with time to kill.  Too tired to read and saving my music for the plane, I sat and watched people come and go. You never know when inspiration or something of interest will come your way.  Indeed as I... Continue Reading →

Leadership Lesson In A Bowl Of Pasta

Recently I had to cook dinner for a crowd.  I did not have a lot of time and everyone was looking for a nice casual get-together.  My answer was pasta, a big bowl of pasta.  With some wine and bread, I had my dinner set. I love to cook and I can prepare a pasta sauce... Continue Reading →

Leadership Lessons From ______.

I need a topic. I turn to a Google search ... "Leadership lessons from".  116,000 results.  A sampling for your review.  Real People: Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, and Lady Gaga.   Not So Real People: Yoda, Golden Retrievers, Geese, Disney Characters, The Walking Dead, and Lady Gaga (not sure if... Continue Reading →

Is it Too Late to Become a Comedian?

My first work related leadership lesson happened 25 years ago.  I was fresh out of college working in a corporate office high above San Francisco's financial district.   Life was good, until one day my boss said to me, "You should quit and become a comedian." Well, I got to be me.  I knew I was... Continue Reading →

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