Taking Flight

Today is an end and thus a beginning. So goes life.  Today is my last day with my Company. Not my choice, but one I accept and fully understand. We were told it is too expensive here in my City touching an Ocean. It is good business to move our work eastward to a new... Continue Reading →

Be Like Joe

Decision time. Do I go to work today not feeling well or take the dreaded day off as a sick day? It started in my throat and now found my chest, building all week to the point I lost my voice this morning. Looking at my calendar I see a video call first thing with... Continue Reading →

Read, Learn and Act

Time to read.  Read and learn.  Read, learn and act. Time to find a new leadership book to read.  I have read and still refer to a number of classic leadership books.  Now though I am looking for something on the cutting edge that speaks to our present days and unclear tomorrows. My search brought... Continue Reading →

Overheard in Airport Lounge: From Arrogance to Joy

Recently I was returning to San Francisco from Washington DC and was waiting in the airport terminal with time to kill.  Too tired to read and saving my music for the plane, I sat and watched people come and go. You never know when inspiration or something of interest will come your way.  Indeed as I... Continue Reading →

Leadership Lesson In A Bowl Of Pasta

Recently I had to cook dinner for a crowd.  I did not have a lot of time and everyone was looking for a nice casual get-together.  My answer was pasta, a big bowl of pasta.  With some wine and bread, I had my dinner set. I love to cook and I can prepare a pasta sauce... Continue Reading →

Leadership Lessons From ______.

I need a topic. I turn to a Google search ... "Leadership lessons from".  116,000 results.  A sampling for your review.  Real People: Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, and Lady Gaga.   Not So Real People: Yoda, Golden Retrievers, Geese, Disney Characters, The Walking Dead, and Lady Gaga (not sure if... Continue Reading →

Is it Too Late to Become a Comedian?

My first work related leadership lesson happened 25 years ago.  I was fresh out of college working in a corporate office high above San Francisco's financial district.   Life was good, until one day my boss said to me, "You should quit and become a comedian." Well, I got to be me.  I knew I was... Continue Reading →

Of Poodles and Flaming Hoops

Does anyone go to the circus anymore? My theory ... at some point we developed a national obsession against clowns.  Ask anyone ... "Clowns scare me.  Clowns are the stuff of nightmares."   Admit it, do you like clowns? Anyhow, the turn against clowns is behind my theory on why we do not attend the... Continue Reading →

The Three “P” Buttons

A "Preview Button" for my job would be great.   The ability to review and test decisions before I fully commit and "publish".    As I write this blog entry, there it is - the Preview Button.  I use it several times before I publish my blog posts.  I can see how my post appears our there in the real... Continue Reading →


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