Leadership Principles

We have to be careful to boil down leadership to one set of principles. This approach though is accessible and provides a framework.

Here is my list of leadership principles to aid my focus and to start a conversation with others.  Leadership development is a continuous exploration and commitment.  Let’s move together and explore.

  • Confidence: We all want to look up to someone, why not you?
  • Energy: Move with purpose and pull people forward
  • Accountability: Say it with me, “I am responsible”
  • Self Aware: The good and the to be improved (or at least monitored)
  • Compassion / Care: For those you lead and the environment you live and work
  • Direction and Clarity: Set the path and goal for others
  • Listening and Dialogue: Establish deeper conversations
  • Work Proficiency: You have a specific job/role – Get the work done



What do you think?

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