Leadership Principles

We have to be careful to boil down leadership to one set of principles. This approach though is accessible and easily understood.  Here is my list to aid my focus and development and to start the conversation with others.  Leadership development is a continuous exploration and committment.  Let’s move together and explore.

  • Confidence: We all want to look up to someone, why not you?
  • Energy: Move with purpose and pull people forward
  • Accountability: Say it with me, “I am responsible”
  • Self Aware: The good and the to be improved (or at least monitored)
  • Compassion / Care: For those you lead and the environment you live and work
  • Direction and Clarity: Set the path and goal for others
  • Listening and Dialogue: Establish deeper conversations
  • Work Proficiency: You have a specific job / role – Get the work done



What do you think?

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