Modern Day Jesus

Washing the dishes. My time to slow down, focus on my breathing and where I am, now. I run through the inventory ... body discomforts, mental anxieties, and an aching soul. I do not make the time to meditate as much as I need, but the dishes need to be washed. With warm water flowing over... Continue Reading →

A Story Worth Telling

This past week I read an article from the upcoming May issue of the Harvard Business Review titled, "From Purpose to Impact".  As I read, I paused and re-read passages finding deeper understanding and insight. This makes sense.  To articulate and live my true purpose and to help others do the same is at the heart... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Far From Home

Here we are, Thanksgiving Day is here in America.    Time for family, football and turkey.   As I think back on my memory of this holiday, I remember once when I celebrated Thanksgiving far from home.  I was on an extended trip through Egypt after graduating college.  On the day of Thanksgiving back home I would... Continue Reading →

Living in a Vision

While planning to post on one topic yesterday I heard an amazing speech given by Chuck Pagano to his team after a victory in the NFL (American Professional Football).  As such I lost my momentum for one topic and found a new topic to ponder. I know many people follow sports and many do not. ... Continue Reading →

Raised By Wolves

 In my last post I looked at the full cosmos to focus and gain perspective.  One can not observe space and the cosmos without thinking about time.  To look at the stars is to be a time traveler.  Thousands of years ago light from a distant star pointed toward Earth and reached out to me as I look... Continue Reading →

Tell Me a Story

Image via Wikipedia “Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.” — Alan Kay (VP Walt Disney Company) Storytelling defines people as ... well, people.  Before the written word there were stories to pull people together within a common understanding. ... Continue Reading →

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