On the Pulse of this New Day

My day of reflection and rest started with a news headline: Over 8 in 10 Americans believe our nation is sharply split on major issues and over half are dissatisfied with how democracy is working in the US (article link here).  Where do we go from here? With the Presidential Election behind us, we move... Continue Reading →

In My Country

"Poetry is of no use, but it is valuable." Truth from Northern Ireland Poet, Michael Longley. Words and a whisper that lead my exploration on this last day of rest before Election Day and a promise of continued and growing separation. A Country of WeMoveTogether we are not. We are America. No need to look... Continue Reading →

We Crave Truth Tellers

These days I am drawn to poetry. Not sure why. I crave something unknown or unspoken. Reading and searching. Pencil and notebook always near. On this journey to who knows where, I listened to an On Being podcast with host, Krista Tippett interviewing the poet, Elizabeth Alexander. As with all of Krista's interviews I am mesmerized ...... Continue Reading →

Obstruction is in Vain

Who do I think I am? Insisting on my way so. I finally notice the fallen tree that bars my path. Instead of searching for a means around the tree as before, I stop and listen. "Where do you want to go?  What bars you so, surely not me, a mere tree across your path." Indeed,... Continue Reading →

Not Enough Angels

Dedicated to the children and their brave protectors lost in Newtown, Connecticut. Not Enough Angels As I step into my day, a fog rolls across my feet and a cold wind touches my face. My journey begins into the unknown.  Yet no worries, an Angel watches over me. Of this I want to believe. No harm today,... Continue Reading →

Framed Ballerina

Years ago my family was staying with friends and my young son had to sleep in a strange bedroom.   That night he called out for me.   When I got to his room he was upset, crying and pointing at the wall.  He cried out, "Monster, Monster.  Daddy it is a Monster."  As I cleared my head and looked... Continue Reading →

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