Here is my list of leadership resources including books and websites.  I encourage you all to explore.  I consider this a living list and will adapt as I move forward.

    • Fast Company Magazine – Cool information on people and companies doing it right.
    • Tom Peters – From the Search to Excellence to so much more.  Agree or disagree this guy gets you thinking.
    • Peter SengeHis book, The Fifth Discipline started me on my Organizational Development journey.
    • The Happiness Advantage – By Shawn Achor.  This accessible and funny book is my starting point for Positive Psychology.  Give it a try.
    • Servant LeadershipThis term was coined by Robert Greenleaf.  It is a huge influence on me and my journey.
    • Reframing Organizations – I started with the second edition and now I am studying the fourth edition.  Leadership is nothing if we do not understand how we organize.  Such an important resource.
    • Synchronicity This is a book by Joseph Jaworski.  It is a wonderful personal story with great insight for leaders.
    • Meaningful Workplaces This is a book by Neal Chalofsky who wrote the book on effective HR practices.  I have read his other writings throughout Grad School. In this book, his latest, he nails it for what we need in our modern workplace.  I stand for building a meaningful workplace.
    • Stephen R. Covey – This is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People guy and other books on leadership.  Every time I step away, I come back to this book.
    • Warren BennisClassic Leadership guy.  Lot’s of good writing.
    • Max DePree – Former Chairman of Herman Miller, INC and considered a profound voice of leadership.  Often quoted.
    • Edgar Schein – The Dean of Organizational Culture studies and understanding.
    • Organizational Culture and Leadership – The classic on understanding culture in the workplace and the role for the leader.
    • Interaction Associates – Organizational Consulting Firm that influenced me early and often in my career. Great resources on team dynamics and leadership.
    • Strengths Finder 2.0 – Focus more on fully developing your unique strengths instead of spending most of your time fixing your shortcomings. Get the book and complete the online assessment. My strengths are Empathy, Connectedness, Strategic, Arranger, and Belief. Perfect for my focus on Organizational Development and Leadership.
    • It’s Your ShipBy Captain D. Michael Abrashoff – this is a story of one man’s leadership journey as the Captain of a US Navy Ship.  Good stuff.
    • Steve Jobs, By Walter Isaacson.  Steve Jobs was both a flawed and brilliant leader.  This is a great book.
    • The Art of Followership, By Ronald Riggio, Ira Chaleff and Jean Lipman-Blumen, Editors.  This book is a anthology of essays on followership.  There is much here to ponder and remember step one of leadership is to be a good follower.

Let me know what you think and I will continue to build.


What do you think?

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