The Power of the Ears

The line stretched to the end of the mall full of people, young and not-so-young, each wearing the same funny-looking hat. Everyone excited and ready to crowd into a new store at the mall. I already visited this store as it opened for business two weeks earlier, but today was something special. So the young and... Continue Reading →

My Worthless Degree

I came across an article titled, "Don't Bother Earning These Five Degrees".   Oh no.  I bet my college degree made the list.  As I read the article I felt better as #1 Architecture and #2 Philosophy made the list.  So far so good ... Hum, there I am at #3, Anthropology.  A Degree that I... Continue Reading →

Sit Still, Observe and Take Notes

Early on in my blogger life I wrote about observation (Sit Still and Observe).  In that post I reflected on my educational background in Anthropology to make the case for leaders to use the power of observation.    I still find observation to be a vital tool and process for leaders and thus, today we return to... Continue Reading →

Midnight Archaeology

Where is my flashlight?  Oh yea, the office lights work; I am good. It is late at night and I am the only person in the office.  This can also be a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning - either way, I am alone in the office.  The work is done and I am thinking... Continue Reading →

Sit Still and Observe

At the core of my view on leadership is movement and I speak to it in other posts. Today though I ask you to sit still and observe. In your organization what is happening around you at any given moment? Where is the staff - quiet in their workspace, grouped together in the hallway, or... Continue Reading →

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