Scrunched Up Shoulders

"Listen." We know that true listening goes well past audio cues to watching and reacting to people's body language. In one-on-one conversations, it can be challenging enough to "listen" to the body language of the other person, but in a group session such as a meeting, we tend to forget to fully listen and react... Continue Reading →

Fear of Unexpected Encounters

"Do I look at my reflection or the person sitting across from me?" So asks Shani Ha, a French performance artist who recently set up a table for two at a New York café with one side of the table inside the café with the other side placed outside. A glass wall separates the table. I... Continue Reading →

Fly in the Face of Reason, Authority, and Common Sense

What are the influential books from your childhood? Those books that paved the way to a lifelong love of reading and for me, eventually to fall in love with writing itself. What a treat for me to find a hidden article written by one of my favorite authors. A piece of writing that reminds me... Continue Reading →

Workplace Whispers

Do you remember the game called, "Telephone" or "Whispers"?  The game starts with one person telling a short story to someone else.  Typically one whispers it into the other person's ear.  The person who heard the story immediately whispers the story to another person and so the story gets retold down the line.  Once the... Continue Reading →

Thought Bubbles

 We have all been there.  You are in the middle of an important discussion at work and you wonder what the other person is thinking, but not saying.    To be fair you are thinking, but not saying, too and you have your own assumptions and stories bouncing back and forth in your mind. Imagine if we could invoke "thought... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Game

While I was raised in California I support a team across the world in London, The Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League.  You may know that Chelsea just won the Champions League title this past Saturday in Munich against the favored home team, Bayern Munich.  For folks in the States, Chelsea just won the... Continue Reading →

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