A Photographer’s Eye

The family moved quickly across the Boston Common. Our hotel was on the other side and today this beautiful park was nothing more than a shortcut.   When we walk together, I either blaze a trail ahead or I fall back with eyes wide open. On this day, I walked slowly and fell behind as I... Continue Reading →

Seeds in Hand, Ashes at Feet

Inspiration this week from Rosabeth Kanter, longtime professor at Harvard Business School, where she specializes in strategy, innovation, and leadership.  I have read her work for years. "Better to find possibilities in how things are now than to wish for what they were. Collect seeds, not ashes." Recognize the possible.  Focus today, realize tomorrow.  Seeds are everywhere if... Continue Reading →

Gravel Roads that Stretch Forever

Gone are the voices.  For a while I heard echoes, but these faint voices are now gone.  My workplace is now quiet.  There are depths of quiet that I now know.  Each week the quiet grows louder and louder. Odd that this is the time of my greatest leadership challenge. I have written of my... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision: Side vision. The ability to see objects and movement outside of the direct line of vision. On my daily bike commute I pass a middle school.   If I leave at a certain time from home I ride by the school just as the students arrive.  The bike path I use moves right along... Continue Reading →

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