The Age of Wisdom May Be 103

I attended a retirement dinner last week. An honor. Not one person or even two, but three men honored on this night.  My wife works for this company, one of the largest in the world.  It is a place that people start a career and decide to stay. These retirees reached 34, 34, and 35... Continue Reading →

Work From Work

Everyone is talking, and writing, about the Yahoo announcement yesterday.  The head of Human Resources at Yahoo sent an email to all staff essentially eliminating work from home programs.  In other words, for your job, show up in an office ... and have a nice day. Yes, a big and juicy topic for a blog on leadership... Continue Reading →

Sit Still, Observe and Take Notes

Early on in my blogger life I wrote about observation (Sit Still and Observe).  In that post I reflected on my educational background in Anthropology to make the case for leaders to use the power of observation.    I still find observation to be a vital tool and process for leaders and thus, today we return to... Continue Reading →

The Wind and The Sun

As with many folks I am eagerly waiting for the return of Mad Men tonight.  It has been too long.  This weekend I am watching several episodes from last season to get caught up.  No, I am not writing a post on the leadership approach by Don Draper (main character), but hum ... someday. What caught my eye... Continue Reading →

Tell Me a Story

Image via Wikipedia “Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.” — Alan Kay (VP Walt Disney Company) Storytelling defines people as ... well, people.  Before the written word there were stories to pull people together within a common understanding. ... Continue Reading →

Sit Still and Observe

At the core of my view on leadership is movement and I speak to it in other posts. Today though I ask you to sit still and observe. In your organization what is happening around you at any given moment? Where is the staff - quiet in their workspace, grouped together in the hallway, or... Continue Reading →

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