Empty Bookshelves

latest blog entry from Michael at WeMoveTogether. Thoughts on the books and authors we keep close and how we balance depth and breadth of knowledge.

Opposable Thumbs

Phone in hand and thumbs on keyboard. No, not texting, blogging. I am experimenting with a new blog writing workflow. With a longer commute and more hours at office, my old writing schedule no longer works. I write infrequently and post even less so. Need to write. Solve the problem Michael. The answer is to... Continue Reading →

Not Ready For Primetime

It is time for me to review my draft posts and see if any are ready for publishing.  None of these posts are ready for primetime.  Yet ... as a whole the list does make for an interesting read.  For fun let me share the working title for a number of my draft posts.  It is an interesting collection. ... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Voices in My Head

I hear the voices yet words on paper escape me.  I hit a wall of sorts with reaching 100 posts.  All at once I think about the next 1,000 posts and this has stopped me cold.  The voices get louder.   Yet the words on paper do not appear. No worries.  When in doubt JUST WRITE and... Continue Reading →

The Distance Between Us

Here I am months later, writing two or three posts a week, reaching that milestone of 100 posts.  This is a journey of discovery and my excitement continues.  Thanks for stopping by and let's continue our journey together. I searched for the right quote to capture my thoughts for this post.  Nothing I read felt right. ... Continue Reading →

What Came First … The Writer or The Leader

As I approach 100 posts in my young blogging life, I wonder ... am I a leader who writes or a writer who leads? Maybe a silly question.   I am a business director with responsibility for important work partnering with many terrific employees.  I am a leader. Yet ... That voice again. I am a writer. ... Continue Reading →

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