What is … WeMoveTogether

This blog began with a word, Leadership. From this start, I expanded my view to add direction and a pathway to explore and write.

Leadership is influence.
Influence is movement.
Movement is change.

You are a leader.
I am a leader.


As I wrote and expanded my thinking, I looked closer at these words that started this journey.

WE = People, each an individual.  Our talents, motivations, and unique self, influencing the larger world.

MOVE = Movements, small and large.  A calling that adds something of value to the world … Curiosity, Creativity, and  Change. 

TOGETHER = Tribal, lest we forget our humanity.  Ritual, Community and Story.  Come together through Choice.  Create together through Connection.  Thrive together through Commitment.

Time to focus on reducing the space between each of these elements and strengthen the connection.  From there we succeed, together.

What do you think?

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