Interesting Bike Commute

Fun Friday Time ... What we humans are capable of when there is a problem to solve.   Onward to solving the bigger issues of the day. Do watch, this is pretty cool.  Enjoy the weekend everyone.

30 Degrees At Launch

Today was the coldest day of my bike commuting adventure.  I started this past summer and rode with temperatures over 100 degrees.  Today the temperature was steady at 30 degrees.  For many that is not cold, but for us Californians yea that is cold. It was the best ride so far.   The rule I adopted... Continue Reading →

My Sweet New Commute

Our two cars are not enough. This past summer both kids got their driver's license.    My daughter is now driving to college as she commutes from home and my son is a senior in High School - hello, of course he needs a car. So what to do for Mom and Dad?   Mom has the longer commute... Continue Reading →

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