A Natural Learning Organization

I just finished reading Creativity, Inc., The story of Pixar Animation Studios written by one of its founders and current President Ed Catmull, along with Amy Wallace. Pixar, as a business organization, is a runaway success with top grossing movies beginning with Toy Story and forward with every movie released as a #1 hit. We know... Continue Reading →

A Good First Impression

I am reading Creativity Inc, written by Ed Catmull, one of the founders and President at Pixar Animation Studios. I am enjoying the book and will write more about it once I complete the book. For today though, Ed Catmull reminds me of a story from early in  my work career. In the book he remembers his... Continue Reading →

Balance, Not Stability

I will forever be fascinated by Pixar. I love Pixar's origin story with a fateful sale of the company by  George Lucas to  Steve Jobs.  I define my children's life stages by which Pixar movie was in theaters at the time.  Living near Pixar's studio, I drive by and think of the mysterious Willy Wonka factory and how... Continue Reading →

Monsters University Benefit Screening

Lucky man.  I attended a pre-release screening of Pixar's new movie, Monsters University last night ... at Pixar's campus. We live close to Pixar's offices just across the bay from San Francisco.  My family is close to Pixar in other ways as well.  Chiefly my daughter, Lauren is both a super fan and a talented... Continue Reading →

Passion, Hard Work and Art

Yesterday I read the latest jobs report from the government.  It was so-so news, not terribly bad nor a sign of better days ahead.    I read also that so many jobs these days are lower paying service jobs.  The percentage of higher paying jobs is shrinking.    Young people out of school, even with solid college... Continue Reading →

What is Your Soundtrack?

Music has been front and center for me this past week. First I watched the new Batman movie ... twice (big fan).  The music grabs you and is part of the storytelling.   Outside of watching the movie, I have listened to the soundtrack several times as well. Moreover this past weekend I attended a concert... Continue Reading →

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