Of Stillness and Movement

“Be prepared for your job search to last eight months on average.” I heard the words from my Outplacement Consultant, but did not want to believe her. Yet indeed, there is order to the universe and eight months after I began my journey, I have my new job.

The universe also has a sense of humor and flair for the dramatic. On the same day last week, I received not one job offer, but two job offers. Two companies with very different opportunities, yet one stood out and with heart and mind, my choice was set. Order has returned to my life, but not before some humor and drama to remind me of my place.

So here I stand looking forward to next Monday and the unknown of a new crew and place. I will pack lightly for this journey eager to fill my bag with new experiences and relationships. All I need is inside me and will be found on the road. I step forward.

I was out of work for 237 days and could not escape the whisper I heard deep in the night and even in the full light of day. The whisper consumed my confidence and focus at times and left me frozen in stillness. Time itself became warped.

Someone once wrote, “Days can seem longer than weeks” for people lost in the search for work and meaning. Indeed some of my days lasted to near forever and the weeks raced past me barely recognizable. It took some time but, I finally figured out why my perception of time changed.

I was standing still. I lost hold of the pace of life and movement around me. 

When focused on career and achievement, we move as one with our environment. Absent a job and place to be each day, my daily rhythm slowed to near nonexistence. I discovered the need for both stillness and movement for a healthy life. I also discovered that it is easier to pivot and move while already in motion instead of constantly starting from a profound stillness.

Writing is a linkage between stillness and movement for me. With the lack of movement for the past eight months, I lost hold of my writing at a time when I thought I would write daily and post to the blog more often. With movement returning to my life I have a better sense of the balance needed and I know I am back to a steady writing habit.

The whisper is still there. It is now mid-day and I hear it. I may wake up in the middle of the night and hear it as well. Yet now the voice is one of hope and wonder for what awaits with my new job.

And where is this place and who are these people and what great work do we do together?  Stay tuned.

Always, WeMoveTogether

5 thoughts on “Of Stillness and Movement

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    1. Thanks. Indeed one needs to take that journey to fully understand. We were on this road together and now it is your turn to find a place. You will.

      Onward we go, Michael

    1. Thanks David – what a journey. I know you write often on your journeys into and escaping the big City. Well, I am heading back to the daily train commute into San Francisco after years working out in the suburbs. I actually look forward to it. The energy and creative spirit in the City is amazing these days. I will write more on my new job. All the best to you and indeed, I feel whole again and I am back!

      – Michael

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