Shining Eyes

Over a year away from this place. No new blog posts. My passion for creating dormant and hidden as time stood still. I wanted to return … to write and create, yet deep down I knew I needed to stay away knowing my passion for this place will return.

So onward into the new year and a gentle restart of WeMoveTogether. I start with a reminder that for all the science we bring to management practices, there is Art as well.

I recently watched the inspiring TED Talk by Conductor Benjamin Zander called, The Transformative Power of Classical Music. What took me so long, 9.5 Million folks have watched it to date. You have to love the spirit and passion as he enthusiastically states,

“Only 3% of people like classical music. EVERYONE likes classical music, they just don’t know it yet!”

Indeed, as you watch the TED Talk you realize that it is impossible not to appreciate Classical Music after spending any time with the Conductor. Yet, there is more in this talk as Mr. Zander focuses on how to lead an orchestra and more broadly, how to lead people.

He starts with a realization that, as the conductor, he does not make a sound. That may be obvious to most, but for this seasoned conductor, it was  a deeper realization later in his career and as he states, “It changed everything in me”.

So how does he contribute to the success of the orchestra and the extraordinary music they produce?

“Depends on his or her power and ability to make other people powerful … my job was  to awaken possibility in other people. How do you know – look at their eyes. If they are shining, you know you are doing it. And if their eyes are not shining, then who am I? Success is how many shining eyes I have around me.”

Yes. Bravo and I agree.

I want to say you do not teach this in Business School, but I will be wrong. Emotional Intelligence continues to grow as a core part of a business leader education. Our ability to empathize (a key part of Emotional Intelligence) is proven to make a difference in reaching a high level of Leadership effectiveness.  How well we attune to the emotional register of the people we lead creates a resonance that reinforces synchrony and performance in a group. Indeed, sounds like a musical orchestra and a fine approach to leading people in any pursuit.

If someone asks me how I lead others, I will remember this TED Talk by Benjamin Zander. Watch it and understand why Shining Eyes are important for a leader and, while a leader “does not make a sound”, she can create resonance that is heard and felt by all around.

I hope you look forward to 2018. I look forward to a creative year, both personally and professionally.

WeMoveTogether is back. Onward.

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