Shining Eyes

Over a year away from this place. No new blog posts. My passion for creating dormant and hidden as time stood still. I wanted to return ... to write and create, yet deep down I knew I needed to stay away knowing my passion for this place will return. So onward into the new year... Continue Reading →

Hey Boss, I Am Managing You

Recently I was sorting through old documents from my Human Resources / Training Days. I found some writings from Dee Hock. Mr. Hock was the founder of Visa Credit Cards and its CEO back in the day. He eventually left Visa to focus on the future of business. He is a visionary guy and I... Continue Reading →

Different Sides of the Same Coin

Today I was thinking about management.  As in how well am I managing my group and related work processes.  As someone, through this blog, demonstrating a focus on leadership I find that I do not want to lose hold of my focus on management practices. I have read many times about leadership and management as... Continue Reading →

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