My World, Renewed

My life is movement, constant movement. I do not heed the growing whisper inside, “Slow down, accept stillness”.

My movement is our movement and indeed, I focus my blog writing on how we move forward together, in our organizations and in life. We move together and build our capacity to create, connect and contribute. I write of this movement.

Yet I wake too early today and know the truth. The whisper inside is no longer a whisper. I need to slow down to a point of stillness. I find my forgotten desk and open the door to this creative place. I write once more, three months to the day from my last entry. I write and the whisper inside quiets to match my stillness.

A simple commitment to myself. To return to my creative place often, daily if possible. To write and publish to this blog each week. Yet, the whisper is the voice of my truth and writing is not enough. Before my focus on words, I lived for images. Photography was my early passion, an acceptance of the voice inside.

I return now to creating through images as well as words. My blog will continue as a testament to both and as such quiet the whisper and make me whole. I am now ready to step forward and move once more. This time with camera in hand, an instrument much like my pen allowing me to stand still, observe, and create.

So where do I focus my camera? Out there on the street … following people, light, and the magic available to us all if we only choose to see. I want to see and when I capture that moment, I will share it here side by side with my words. My blog will adapt as I adapt and I welcome our ongoing conversation.

My featured image today is one of my first photos on this journey. A dog behind a glass door, tethered to a second dog, also inside. The photo captures the reflection that makes it appear that one dog is inside and one is outside.  Let the story start there.

What do you think?

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