Joy Before Competition

The Golden State Warriors, are 21 – 0 and looking stronger with each new victory. A unique combination of athletic talent and personal character fuel this amazing team and their on the court success.

Through it all, Head Coach Steve Kerr has not coached any of the games this season. He continues to recover from back surgery complications and put the team in the hands of one of his assistant coaches, Luke Walton.

Coach Kerr though does meet with his team behind the scenes, at the practice facility or home locker room. The on the court success is not only dependent on the athletic talent and character at play, but also the atmosphere carefully managed by Coach Kerr.

As a long-suffering Warriors fan, I am thrilled with this run starting with the Championship last year and now the undefeated record to start this season.

As an observer of organizational success, I am equally fascinated with the Warriors. Everyone associated with the team, from ownership, general manager, coaches, and the players talk of the strong culture they built and fight to maintain.

A few games ago Coach Kerr gave an inspiring locker room talk to his team as they prepared to take the court. He could focus on the game results and the game plan for the night. Instead, Kerr reminded the players of the team’s core values: Joy, Mindfulness, Compassion, and Competition.

“He was great today,” interim head coach Luke Walton said of Kerr. “… He emphasized to (the players) how proud he was watching them, because they’re hitting all four of those values.”

Meaningful values closely held, expressed, and defended. That is the mark of a true Warrior.

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