Opposable Thumbs

Phone in hand and thumbs on keyboard. No, not texting, blogging. I am experimenting with a new blog writing workflow. With a longer commute and more hours at office, my old writing schedule no longer works. I write infrequently and post even less so. Need to write. Solve the problem Michael. The answer is to... Continue Reading →

My World, Renewed

My life is movement, constant movement. I do not heed the growing whisper inside, "Slow down, accept stillness". My movement is our movement and indeed, I focus my blog writing on how we move forward together, in our organizations and in life. We move together and build our capacity to create, connect and contribute. I write of... Continue Reading →

A Place to Write

Where to write was never a question for me. I have a desk at home and everything set up as I want. All very personal with supplies and personal items lined up so. I obsessed to find the right stand to hold my laptop at just the right angle. With wireless keyboard and mouse set, I... Continue Reading →

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