Life is Beautiful

The contrast is overwhelming. I sit on a farmhouse porch, deep in the vineyards and miles from city lights, noise and threat. I am at peace, enjoying a long-planned weekend with wife and friends. A weekend of terrific wine and food to match the great company I keep.

Yet I am restless. Thoughts of Paris stay with me. I followed the coverage of the Friday attack before we drove to our long-planned weekend getaway. With no internet or even reliable cell phone coverage I am alone with my thoughts. This is a sanctuary, one I want to share with others. I am at a place of peace, renewal and growth.

I wake Saturday morning surrounded by vast vineyards. The harvest is done and the grape vines sit gathering strength for next year’s crop. I walk the vineyards in silence imagining myself in a similar vineyard in France. I pray for peace and hope that humanity remembers our most basic truth … life if beautiful.

Sunday morning comes after a heavy rain storm overnight. I wake to breaking clouds and damp air. Where is my camera? I walk outside to take a few more photos of this beautiful place, now with dramatic clouds filling the sky.  Yea, that is my photo used for this post. Indeed a beautiful place.

As I stand looking out across the vineyard, I first hear them then spot them. A flock of geese fly across the sky moving East to West, left to right. The honking gets louder as they reach me. Then unexpectedly the flock of geese pivots 90 degrees, flying and honking their way South moving further away from me to eventually disappear into the hills beyond.

A beautiful, simple display. I stand again in silence and remember.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.” – John Keats

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