Wake Me Up When September Ends

When I started my new job at the mid-point of August, I rounded up to the end of September to evaluate where I stood with the new job and the new routines to manage my days. I want it all, a great work life and a personal life with time for family and self.

As I sit here in early October I pause to take stock and review where I stand. The job is terrific … our mission, the people, the spirit in the office each day. I am now part of the fabric of the organization and discovering my foothold to contribute to our success.

Yet, I struggle with the larger routines of life. My work hours challenge me for time with family and time for self. My job provides energy and it up to me on how best to direct that energy into my personal life. The answer is to know exactly what I want and ground myself in routines and even rituals that provide a strong foothold and path forward.

Each of us use routine to manage a large part of our day. The known way becomes a repeated pattern that lives deep inside. This is important to allow our active minds to focus on new experiences and decision-making.  With October here I find that I have found a set of routines to get me though my days.

And how do I know I am comfortable with my new set of routines? I read this quote recently and saw myself in these dark woods:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Robert Frost

Work, family and me. New routines to manage each, and all as one. The miles are not ahead of me, but within me. I am ready to sit down in the lovely, dark and deep woods and write anew as part of my rhythm of life.

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