Wake Me Up When September Ends

When I started my new job at the mid-point of August, I rounded up to the end of September to evaluate where I stood with the new job and the new routines to manage my days. I want it all, a great work life and a personal life with time for family and self. As... Continue Reading →

The Age of Wisdom May Be 103

I attended a retirement dinner last week. An honor. Not one person or even two, but three men honored on this night.  My wife works for this company, one of the largest in the world.  It is a place that people start a career and decide to stay. These retirees reached 34, 34, and 35... Continue Reading →

An Endless Set of Wednesdays

Today.  Another Wednesday.  It shows up around this time each week.  Week in and week out.  Wash, rinse and dry.  Repeat.  The comings and goings of life. As humans we want patterns and continuation. We create routines, both conscious and unconscious. Yet our routines, if not careful can define us.  An endless set of Wednesdays... Continue Reading →

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