Footing, Focus and Fifty

I am back.  I stepped away for a few weeks with no intent to write any blog posts. I briefly escaped the winds of change at the office to walk into the face of a cold wind welcoming my son to Boston and his new college life.

I am proud of my son to leave one university far away from home for another college even further away. He knows what he wants and he is now at the right school.  This past week I flew back home escaping the cold of New England for the unseasonable warmth of California.

My focus now turns from my son’s transition to my transition.  The winds of change remain at work and at times it is as cold as the wind coming off the Boston Harbor.  It is 70 degrees outside, yet I feel a chill deep in my bones.  I find my footing shaky as I think through the possibilities for myself and team members past and present.

This is the year.  The year of profound transition for me.  I fully expect to be let go before the year it out.  That is okay; it is time to move on.  I will not be just leaving a job though.  I will be leaving home.  This year will be number 26 for me.  First real job.  From college to this place.

This is the year.  I turn 50 years old.  I trust I have enough gathered wisdom to serve me in my transition.  I feel great and am ready to face the unknown with a curious mind.

This is the year.  I need to establish a clear focus for how I want to proceed with my career transition.  I lived through two distinct careers with my company.  First in Human Resources and Organizational Development and second in operational management.  This is the year to choose my next career.  Will it be back to the former or more of the latter?  Or something all together different?  Exciting times and it starts with focus.

This blog will transition as I transition this year.  While I will still write on organizational issues and leadership, I will expand my focus to write about my journey and the journey of others through career transitions.

I have not picked up a pen and wrote much of anything for weeks.  That is a mistake.  My focus begins with writing and writing everyday.  Already I am warming up as I write this post.  I no longer fear any cold wind, real or imaged.

All the best to you and let’s move though 2014 together.

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  1. My thoughts and wishes are with you brother dear. It’s never easy to transition but you will find yourself back on your feet in no time. I have faith in you and support your new adventure whatever it may be. As your sister remember I am always there for you. Always….

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