Game Face

First business trip in years.  Important task at hand.  Due to corporate structure changes, a new person is needed to represent our company cross-country and on short notice. I am that person. I fly out with some apprehension.  I need to be on my game for this one.  I am heading to court to serve... Continue Reading →

Footing, Focus and Fifty

I am back.  I stepped away for a few weeks with no intent to write any blog posts. I briefly escaped the winds of change at the office to walk into the face of a cold wind welcoming my son to Boston and his new college life. I am proud of my son to leave one... Continue Reading →

The End of Hump Day Wednesday

Why do we work five days a week?   We all grew up with the five-day workweek as standard practice.  We roll into work on Monday, work uphill to Wednesday, then work down the other side of the mountain to Friday afternoon.  Our weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are a time of rest ... well that is the theory.... Continue Reading →

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