The Peace of Wild Things

A favorite poem of mine.  Indeed, a prayer.  I fall into the words and embrace the meaning. I lay still and for a time I am free.  As I stand once more, I am ready to move forward. Move forward indeed. My hope is each of you find poems or other writings that have similar... Continue Reading →

The Age of Wisdom May Be 103

I attended a retirement dinner last week. An honor. Not one person or even two, but three men honored on this night.  My wife works for this company, one of the largest in the world.  It is a place that people start a career and decide to stay. These retirees reached 34, 34, and 35... Continue Reading →

Footing, Focus and Fifty

I am back.  I stepped away for a few weeks with no intent to write any blog posts. I briefly escaped the winds of change at the office to walk into the face of a cold wind welcoming my son to Boston and his new college life. I am proud of my son to leave one... Continue Reading →

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