Leadership – More Important Than Ever

why we leadI just received the latest Fast Company magazine.  Not sure about you but I typically do not read the comments from the editor that appear at the beginning of nearly all magazines.  This issue was different.  The title caught my eye and invited me to read more … WHAT I’VE LEARNED.

Learning, learning, learning.  Fail and learn.  Succeed and learn.  Live and learn.  I have written about this before – tell me what you have learned.  Young or old – we need to continue our learning and expand our ability to create.

So, here I was reading the comments from the editor or Fast Company magazine, Robert Safian.  Overall good stuff and he did his job to excite me to read more from his magazine.

As I read further he made the case for a number of things he has learned about business today (read the magazine to get the detail – good stuff).   Toward the end of his comments he talked about leadership.  “Leadership is more important that ever.” he stated.  Oh yea, he had me.  Then Mr. Safian nailed it by saying what today’s leaders must do.

To create and nurture environments where many contributions can be recognized and channeled … without it bureaucracy stifles the new, and innovation goes unrealized.

This is why we lead. To create, nurture, and WeMoveTogether.

What do you think?

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