A Thousand Voices in My Head

I hear the voices yet words on paper escape me. 

I hit a wall of sorts with reaching 100 posts.  All at once I think about the next 1,000 posts and this has stopped me cold.  The voices get louder.   Yet the words on paper do not appear.

No worries.  When in doubt JUST WRITE and thus we get today’s post.   A post on writing and thus I continue a recent trend.  Hum, where is the leadership topic?   This is a leadership blog, right?  Again no worries and I will be back on track soon. 

My writing confidence though is stronger as I reach 100 posts.  I am now seriously moving forward on one of my Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast – to write a novel.  

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. – Mark Twain

Indeed today’s post may be filled with lightning bugs crawling along the page, yet there are storm clouds coming this way.   Lightning is sure to follow.

We are all writers, declared or not.   For a bit of inspiration please watch this video clip, The Writing Spirit.

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