Bring on November and the Rest of My Life

New routine. 5:00am. Coffee. Feed cats. Outside and down the driveway. Look up. Stars, planets and inspiration. A few minutes pass. I return to the warmth of the house with coffee in hand and cats in tow. I head to my writing spot. I begin. I write. My routine is set.  Few blog entries recently as I prepare for... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Voices in My Head

I hear the voices yet words on paper escape me.  I hit a wall of sorts with reaching 100 posts.  All at once I think about the next 1,000 posts and this has stopped me cold.  The voices get louder.   Yet the words on paper do not appear. No worries.  When in doubt JUST WRITE and... Continue Reading →

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club

I am joining a club called The Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.    The blogging club was started by Sandy and her excellent blog, Another Lovely Day.   The club has a simple premise.   Focus on things you have wanted to do and over time look more and more impossible or improbable and start believing in them.   The club... Continue Reading →

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