Welcome to my Leadership Blog: We Move Together

With this blog I will present my own thoughts, ideas and random musings along with the best on leadership from business, sports and society in general.

Why a blog on leadership?  At its essence Leadership is a process of influence.  Great leaders move the world around them and have influence to bring true change.  The change can be a big item such as introducing a new product or something much smaller with a single person influencing a group of people to bring their all to a task at hand.

The world needs leaders.  I see myself as a leader and I want to help others become stronger leaders.  I myself seek to be a better leader everyday and will do so through my focus on this blog.

Why the title of “We Move Together”?  For me a key component of leadership is movement.  We are here and need to go there.  By the way, where is there?  Without question leadership requires specific personal traits.  I call this the Relationship with Self.  Leadership though also requires a relationship with others.  Leaders move people forward.  At it’s best, leaders pull people forward and rarely need to push.  Yes, we move forward together.

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