Leadership Relationships

Relationships begin with the person in the mirror.

Your relationship with self involves your ethics, character, principles, purpose, motivation and conduct. How would you describe yourself using these points? Who are you is the start of how you are with others.

As a leader it is easy to recognize that you have a relationship with those that you have authority over. Hey, you are their leader right? Yet you also have a leadership relationship with those with authority over you and also your peers.

For the relationship with self I focus on two overarching elements. The first is the concept of discipline. I define discipline as the ability to make and keep promises and to honor commitments. It is the key to overcoming the pull of the past.

The second element for self is the concept of strength. This is the capacity or potential for effective action and the ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly. For strength we first think of the physical. Yet strength is also important for the mental, emotional and even spiritual side of you.

For the relationship with others I focus on two key and important elements. The first is trust. You need to operate with integrity, disclosing your own position, remain open to new ideas and support others.

The second element for your relationship with others is alignment. This is where any member of your circle can state the purpose, values, goals, and vision for the group.

An understanding of your relationship with the person in the mirror and all those you work with is important for your success and reaching the goal of we move together.

What do you think?

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