A Place to Write

Where to write was never a question for me. I have a desk at home and everything set up as I want. All very personal with supplies and personal items lined up so. I obsessed to find the right stand to hold my laptop at just the right angle. With wireless keyboard and mouse set, I have my place to write.

Yet, a funny thing happened. Through family activity and a lack of creative energy, I walked away from my desk and first found a chair at the dining table, then a spot on the couch, then a bare desk in my son’s room while he is away at college. My creative energy returned the more I moved. All I need now is my laptop, a wi-fi signal and a roaming spirit.

I write better on the move trying new locations. Previously I enjoyed writing in coffee shops with the buzz all around. At other times the library worked best. I now discovered several places in my home to roam and simply open my laptop and write.

My desk remains. It is a hub still for my books, notes, and collection of memorabilia that inspires me. A place to visit and yes, write at times, yet I am not bound anymore to this one spot.

I never thought about the “Where” as a key question to my writing. Of course the “Why” and “How” have always been important. With a new job and longer commute, the “When” is also a strong consideration these days. Yet, I now know the truth … my truth, where I write is an equal consideration.

tommyatdeskSo here I am on a Sunday morning. The empty desk in my son’s room feels right. Of course it is a sunny corner of the house facing East with the morning sun streaming through the windows. My competition for this ideal spot is my cat Tommy. This is his morning spot and we find room to co-exist and share this desk.

Where will I write tomorrow? I am not sure. Odds are a coffee shop in the City as I escape the busy office for a bit. And indeed, I will write and post tomorrow. For I decided to join the November writing madness. Last year I was part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I did win with writing my 50,000 words during November. That novel is still in draft stage and I slowly work on it.

For this year though, I decided to join the blog equal to NaNoWriMo and publish a blog post each day this month. So here is go with NaBloPoMo 2015. I will post each of the 30 days of November. What to write … I am starting my list. Why to write … to live. Where to write … indeed, a question to ask each day.

What do you think?

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