Writing 201 – First Poem

A wonderful learning opportunity and a healthy and timely diversion. Today I start a month-long writing course on Poetry writing.  This is part of the ongoing Blogging University courses presented by WordPress (my blog platform). I participated before on the basics of blog writing and I am excited to stretch myself to learn more about poetry and indeed … write some poetry.

I plan to complete each assignment as a great balance to my day job looking for a day job. I do not plan to post many of these poems, but I will explore and create and see where that takes me. A great way to focus each day.

Yet one must be bold, so today I will publish my poem for the first assignment – to write a Haiku, the Japanese poetry form presented in three lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables respectively (english form). The prompt word for the day is: Water.  The device to try is Simile.

Coincidentally I am re-reading the great sci-fi novel, Dune. I found my inspiration for my haiku.

earth rotates once more

light touches my sweating breath

my water now sand

Onward to a new day.  I invite you to explore and create each day as well.

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  1. Wow! In just a few words so much is said and shared…..excellent and successful effort with this new challenge!

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