Running Late

I have so much to do … falling behind … what time is it, heck what day is it? 

I am running late. 

Nearly three weeks out of work and I have an altered perception of time. Holiday commitments and travel add to my time confusion. No routine or ritual at all. Every day is born new, ready for me to make it my own. I plan and add to my To Do list, but the feeling persists.

I am running late.

With this upcoming week my commitments to holiday and family obligations ease back to something recognizable. I will create a new norm with fresh daily routines and indeed sacred ritual to remind me of my place. My new day will focus on career and my next job. Purposefully I have not yet applied for any jobs. I needed the past few weeks to fall out of phase and into this odd altered view of time.

I now understand that I am in a reboot process and I will be the better for it once my system is back up and running. This reboot is clearing out old memories that use too much space in my conscious mind. Indeed, I will need the space for all the new that awaits.

My reboot project includes my new workspace … a corner of my home that is all mine with a new desk and comfy office chair. Both are gifts from wife and kids knowing that Dad needed an anchor space to call his own. From this spot I will complete my reboot and restart. Time and I will sync once more and I will move forward. This is my place to explore, write and decide.

Next week I start my new job. It does not pay much, but the experience and learning will be priceless. This new job is my daily pursuit of my next job, one with an actual paycheck. My new routine begins with an early start to each day. To stand in the dark, listen to the quiet and accept the light of the new day.

Indeed, I am not running late. I am right where … and when I need to be.

Happy New Year! This will be a great year and as always, WeMoveTogether.

14 thoughts on “Running Late

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  1. Wow! You are truly wise and patient which is more than most ever manage! Your open and positive view will take you to great places. Happy New Year…

  2. Very nicely said, Michael.

    Your comments about the perception of time are right on the mark.

    Happy New Year! And the best of wishes for a great 2015.


  3. Is there anyone who leads the examined life with more eloquence? Congratulations on moving on, together, with your family, friends, and readers.

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