Rocketship To Now

Daily Writing 101 Assignment: Take 20 minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.  The twist for today is to publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.  Challenge accepted! 

I decided to write long-hand for this challenge. Usually I write direct on computer. I have a habit to edit as I go. Hard to do when writing long-hand. Only one direction on this one-way street.  No backup lights or turn-signals. No reverse gear. No brakes. No rearview mirror.

My vehicle on this page is a rocketship. Light it up and up I go. No regrets … well, if any, too late now. Just write. A pen and a notebook.

I am thinking. Nothing profound though which is easy for me. Rocket fuel fills my pen. The flame and exhaust pour into these pages. I am stuck in a bad metaphor I believe. Hard to say, Just continue.

I want to write everyday. Why I do not haunts me. I carry three notebooks with me daily in my bag. Three different sizes. I can fit anything into one of these notebooks. Most days though I add nothing and I feel less fulfilled. I promise to do better tomorrow. Too often though tomorrow is another broken promise to myself.

Damn, this writing is crap.  No looking back though and no edits. It is still the best part of my day.

Discipline – to be a disciple to self. When I write I find that my rocketship (return of bad metaphor) has endless fuel. I can pour into pages without end.

 Just writing without brakes – 10 minutes down, 10 minutes to go.

I will stay with this challenge and write on the presented topic each weekday. Even when traveling this month.  No excuse – rocket fuel is flowing.

I do not think I am making any point with this writing.  Nonetheless, I am satisfied. I connect to my pen and the flow on paper is all that matters. I will post this crap just for the hell of it.  What the hell.  Many people write and edit their work and it is still shit.

Recently I listened to a podcast talking about mindfulness.  Nothing spiritual, just simple observations throughout your day. Today I noticed a wet leaf in my driveway. My wife thought I was crazy as I she drove off to work leaving me hunched over a dead leaf on my driveway (yes, that is the leaf in the photo attached). I was there and present staring at a wet leaf.  It was beautiful. An entire universe at my feet.

As I near the end of my 20 minutes of writing without brakes, I think back to rocket fuel and being present and mindful in the now. Pen to paper. Mind to fingers. I am here, present and mindful. Rocket-fuel is burning into the page.

Day one of this challenge is now complete. What was the point of my writing today … I wrote and that is good enough. Bring on day two.

Note: This post is part of the WordPress Writing 101 Challenge – to write every weekday this month of June. No need to publish every post, but I will write each day and publish most to this blog. Time to write!

What do you think?

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