Knowledge, Experience, and Earned Wisdom

Today is my birthday. I stand at the halfway marker. Today I am 50 years old.

I said the same thing at age 45. I plan to say the same at 60 years old. Halfway there on my journey. Much to reflect on looking back; much to anticipate as I look forward.

I stand here today with knowledge, experience, and earned wisdom. As the metaphor goes, “life is the ultimate journey”.  Of the three, wisdom is my most precious possession. I carry it in my pocket everyday.  I dare not lose it.

I am curious and will hold a beginners mind to the end. As such I ask myself often these days … What if?

I came across this simple, but profound question while studying writing and storytelling. To transform an idea into a great concept and then into a premise for a story involves asking what if questions. From there you live / write / create your story. As in story, as in life.

Today I am 50 years old. My career is in flux. Change is on the way. As with my writing where I ask what if questions, I now do the same for my career. Remember, half way there and many miles left in my journey.

What if I fully embrace my purpose?

What if I see my work situation as opportunity vs. problem?

What if I target that innovative new company and join in their conversation? Or that other great organization? I am 50 years young and ready to contribute anew. I have choices.

In my last blog entry I talked about creating a personal and unique purpose statement. My personal purpose statement, To Create a Story Worth Telling, leads one to ask what if quite often.

So along with a purpose statement, I now have a motto of sorts. All I need is a good pair of shoes, a walking stick (very dramatic) and a stone path ahead of me. I want to test my 50 years of knowledge, experience and earned wisdom. I want it to fail me and force me to grow more.

Remember, I am only at the halfway point … no, I am not.  That marker will always be on my horizon.  It is time to walk.

I face the unknown and whisper, “What if”.

I step forward.

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