Another Plane of Reality

“If you’ve ever felt you stepped into the Twilight Zone in a meeting, this video will speak to you.”   With a lead-in like that, I had to watch the video.  Glad I did and you will be glad too.

If one lives the life of a corporate citizen long enough he or she will find themselves in a meeting where different parts of the organization meet to discuss a new product or strategy.   Depending on your viewpoint you may sit as the engineer or the marketing wiz in this terrific video.   In my roles over the years I was this engineer at times listening to my colleagues across the table ignoring the laws of reality.    New products that are near impossible to load into our system and service properly for the customers.

Yet, even when we recognize that the laws of physics must change, and we need to bend space itself, we nod agreement and work to make it happen.  Corporate life continues.

This video is long for a blog view at over 7 minutes, but it is well worth your time.   You can not beat the English for how they write and perform in these sketches.  So dry, so funny, so on point.  I found this video on the Fast Company Website – a good article to go with this video.

Take the time and watch.  Laugh a bit and remember that time when you were this engineer … or perhaps you were the marketing whiz across the table.   May God have mercy on your soul.

What do you think?

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