Game Face

First business trip in years.  Important task at hand.  Due to corporate structure changes, a new person is needed to represent our company cross-country and on short notice.

I am that person.

I fly out with some apprehension.  I need to be on my game for this one.  I am heading to court to serve as a witness representing my company. My best suit and just the right tie accompany me. I am ready … or so I thought.

At court the judge and attorneys talk and talk.  Questions, answers and counter-answers. We wait on a jury.


Done for the day.

Nothing settled.

It is a Thursday.  No court on Friday.

Time to fly home with intention to return the next week.

Monday arrives and case is still on.  Time to fly back and complete the task. I head to the airport with same suit and now a different perfect tie. I am ready for this.  My apprehension is gone.

I told God my plan and well, you know how that goes.

Ten minutes before boarding the plane, I get the call. Court was cancelled for the next day. Furthermore, the judge is asking for documents from both parties and who knows if this would ever reach an open courtroom.  More importantly for me, I was not flying this day in my best suit and second best tie.

An odd feeling indeed. To cancel a business trip as about to get on plane.  To turnaround and head home dressed for battle. A defeated feeling.

I was ready with my game face.

Where have you been?  My game face has returned.

Due to business realities for me and team, there are few opportunities to stand up in the face of the unknown and perform. We are very good at what is left to do.  No need to put on a game face and perform under difficult and stressful circumstances.

This opportunity to serve my organization helped rekindle my focus and determination.  I am ready.  Do not mess with me.  My game face is ready once more.

As I walked backwards through security heading back home, my disappointment turned to a level of joy.  I found my dormant game face and I felt alive.  I will not allow it to fade away again.  There will be another day; a day of my choice.  I am ready.

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