A City Moves Together

I am always proud of my hometown.  As I sit back and relax on a Sunday, I reflect back to the wonderful Friday before.  The place we natives call “The City” truly made me proud once more.

Batkid and BatmanIf by some chance you missed it, Batkid saved the day stopping the evil plots of the Riddler and the Penguin.  Along the way he got help from his sidekick, the real Batman along with the efforts of thousands throughout San Francisco.  The whole time millions cheered Batkid across Twitter and other social media.

Quite a good day indeed.

Our hero is five year-old Miles, a boy battling leukemia.  Off and on we hear wonderful stories of how the Make-A-Wish Foundation provides amazing experiences for children with serious and life-threatening health issues.  The wish of Miles, a boy from Northern California, was to be Batman for a day.  As such the nearest large city, San Francisco, became “Gotham by the Bay”.

Miles is now in remission from his leukemia and looked damn good as Batkid.  The full story on how the day unfolded is great. For more details here are a couple of news links:

BuzzFeed: Everything You Need To Know About Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Adorable, Crime-Fighting Batkid

NBC Bay Area: SF Morphs into Gotham City

My seat for the day was in front of my Twitter feed while at work (this is why we have two monitors).  It was a truly amazing and even emotional experience to read and watch updates following #SFBatKid.  People really came together strong in support for Miles (A.K.A. Batkid).

For me the story of the day is just that, how people came together to support one in need and along the way how we remembered to look out for each other, step in and help each other, and hold someone up tall when they need it most.

Our children believe in wonder and the power of heroes.  Over time, belief fades and power is no longer held by heroes.  Let us help our children hold onto their sense of wonder and understand that true heroes can exist.

Funny, it took a child to remind us all.


Congrats to Batkid

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  1. Just an incredible story! Thanks for sharing. I heard about it on the way home from work on Friday and went straight to the internet to check this out. Thanks again…

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