Thursday Thought – Reaction Video to a Reaction Video …

Note: Each Thursday I will post a little something to inspire us to finish the week strong. These Thursday Thoughts will be a quote, piece of music, artwork, or inspirational video.  Congratulations, you made it over the hump and let’s finish the week together.

For fun today … these two videos are priceless.  The first is a reaction video to a previous reaction video.  The second video below is a reaction video to the reaction video of the original reaction video.

Say what?!  

Apparently it is a growing trend for people to film themselves reacting to something for the first time and then post that reaction video to YouTube.  In this case two young women film themselves reacting to the new Hobbit movie trailer.  The cool thing is the movie Director, Peter Jackson then films the reaction of his actors (Playing Elfs in full costume) to the original reaction video.

To take it one step further, the girls then film one more video where they react to the reaction video to their original video.   Got it?

Social media is changing the world.  Through the internet our interactions and connections are adapting.  Social media powerfully connects organizations to their customers and fans. Organizations need to use this connection in new ways much like Peter Jackson does here for his franchise, The Hobbit. 

Here is the video showing the actors reacting to the original reaction video:

How can you not smile when you watch the followup reaction video these young women recorded while they are watching the above video. 

What do you think?

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