Leadership Lesson In A Bowl Of Pasta

tomatoRecently I had to cook dinner for a crowd.  I did not have a lot of time and everyone was looking for a nice casual get-together.  My answer was pasta, a big bowl of pasta.  With some wine and bread, I had my dinner set.

I love to cook and I can prepare a pasta sauce in my sleep with whatever I have available in my kitchen.  Well, this time I was fully awake (it does help) and I had plenty of ingredients at hand. 

I wanted something different from the normal.  Three different types of tomato and spinach gave me what I was looking for that night.

Alas, the sauce and overall pasta dish was a success.  As people told me how much they liked my sauce, I knew what came next … I have been there before.  “Can I have the recipe?  What exact ingredients did you use?  How much of this and that did you put into your sauce?”

spinachThe short answer is I did not follow a recipe.  The long answer is I think I remember what I put into the sauce, but the measurements will be a guess.  I just do not work that way. 

It is about technique.  It is an understanding of what ingredients are available and how to use each.  It is a willingness to step outside my comfort zone and try something different. 

As in my kitchen, as in my workplace.

I have bookshelves full of cookbooks at home.  I love to read them and find inspiration.  Rarely do I follow an exact recipe.    At work I have bookshelves full of business and leadership books.  I love to read them and find inspiration.  Rarely though do I follow the recipes found inside.

As I continue to write this blog and go deeper into my thinking about individuals and groups, leaders and organizations, I come to realize that there is no one way, no exact recipe for success. 

GarlicOur focus need be on the techniques, tools, and diversity of ingredients available to us in the workplace.   Once we master these elements we can create anything at work as well as the kitchen.

Yes, I can pull together the recipe for my latest pasta creation.  Take it and make it your own though.  I will be back to see what you created.   I am sure it will be delicious. 

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  1. You inspired me to take what I have in the refrig tonight and create a special pasta dish…..take a chance pasta is what I will name it!

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