Happy Birthday Mother Earth

earthToday is Earth Day.

Today is also my mother’s birthday.  Earth Day may not be viewed as our planet’s birthday, but let’s do so anyhow.  My mother serves as a good stand in for the Earth through her wisdom, strength and always the teacher.

Some quick thoughts reflecting on Earth Day and lessons for our organizations:

  • Focus on sustainability.  We need short-term goals, but they need to serve the long-term vision.  As leaders focus on building something that lasts.  Sustainability is not standing still.  It builds on itself and grows.
  • There will be endings … and beginnings.  Rivers dry up. Rains return and water flows again. Life finds a way.  Organizations too are born and do eventually die.  As people we find a way, rebuild and new organizations emerge. Indeed life finds a way.
  • Notice the connections, the systems at play.  Nature is all connected.  So to are our organizations.  As leaders be wary of drilling down to deep.  A wide view is often best.  Watch the space between the parts.
  • The natural world is good for us.  Go for a walk today.  I pray there is a park and trees near you.  Even better, a forest … with running water. Personally I dream of working at the edge of a forest.   Balance and renewal outside my door.
  • Nature and people will amaze you if you let them grow.  Trust and nurture those around you.  Watch out for those entrusted to your care.
Happy Birthday Mother Earth and Mother of mine.  For today, one in the same.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mother Earth

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  1. Thanks for putting the earth and me together! It is a beautiful world and a special day to celebrate….two is always better than one they make a couple, group, team, set, match, reflection……

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