A Culture of Availability

2009 is so long ago. As we consider technology, 2009 is indeed B.i.P. (before iPad) and as such dark days indeed.

Since 2009 we have the iPad and other tablets as well as lighter, faster and smaller phones (well, some phones are now bigger). And all of it in glorious high-definition.

We are connected as never before. We are available as never before. Life is there to be captured as a Instagram, Tweet, or Facebook update. Not to experience in real-time, but later on our device shared with as many people as our friends list allows. We are there for everyone, but absent from those present here and now.

I am guilty of this. I know the importance of being present, yet my phone and tablet sing a siren song and draw me closer to the rocks. I will let you judge yourself on this front. Indeed though we are creating a new shared narrative as a society and our mobile technology is influencing that narrative.

Why my reference to 2009? I came across a short TED video by Renny Gleeson, a brand and marketing guy with an eye toward new media. This presentation in four years old taking us back to 2009. Once again a short video, but thought-provoking.

There is no turning back. Indeed though we need to be fully aware as we create this new shared narrative in our society. As Renny says in the video, “we need to create technologies that make people more human, not less.”

It is four years later. How are doing on that front?

I invite you to stop, watch, and think.

4 thoughts on “A Culture of Availability

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  1. Technology is light years ahead of mankind….we are not ready for what we have. It is a learning experience and many are getting a big fat “F”…..something good is abused and used to step backwards away from human contact and just seeing the person in front of you and the sound of their voice and sharing the experience of human contact in the flesh of the right kind! Technology is controling us …..it should be the other way around!

    1. Wise words. I think there will be some level of reset over the next 10 years. Today Yahoo sent a note to all employees to get back in the office. It is an attempt to get people to do as you say – see the person in front of you and the share more experiences together. Technology can only take us so far.
      Good Stuff, Thanks – Michael

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